Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Powerful Speech at the Tony Awards in Response to Orlando Shooting

June 13th 2016

News of the Orlando shooting led to touching tributes at the 2016 Tony Awards.

Host James Corden expressed his sincerest condolences to victims of the massacre on behalf of the theatre community saying, "Our hearts go out to all those affected by this atrocity. All we can say is that 'you are not on your own right now. Your tragedy is our tragedy.'"

Lin-Manuel Miranda also exhibited a respectful way to celebrate during a hopeless time in his acceptance speech for Best Original Score.

Miranda's musical, "Hamilton," won 11 Tony Awards. The show has become a "phenomenon," according to CNN because it infuses new age hip-hop musical numbers with an unlikely colonial-era story about the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

Miranda dedicated his flawless speech in true theatre style — as a sonnet reading.

"When senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised, not one day. This show is proof that history remembers we live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. We rise and fall and light from dying ember remembrances that hope and love last longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside."

Following the emotional speech, Miranda received an outpour of gratitude on social media.

Check out this ATTN: video about the conversation around the Orlando shooting:

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