Here's How Many People Have Died in Mass Shootings Just Days After Orlando

June 18th 2016

The shooting in Orlando on June 12 of 2016 claimed the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others, but sadly, gun-related deaths did not end on that horrific day.

In the week of and following the Orlando shooting, 10 people died and 33 others were wounded in 10 other mass shootings, according to Vice.

How is "mass shooting" defined?

It seems like perhaps a crass distinction to make, since all deaths are equal, but it's worth noting how many of those deaths were results of the rampant mass shootings that are happening in the United States. Vice appears to define a mass shooting as a shooting involving four or more victims — either injured or deceased. (Gun Violence Archive defines a mass shooting as one with four victims — not including the shooter — either injured or deceased, confined to one general location and time.)

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Here are the other mass shootings that occurred in the weekend of, or after, the Orlando mass shooting — up until June 14, when the data ends.

June 11 (Early morning on Saturday)

One dead, three injured, in Charlotte, North Carolina at an apartment complex.

June 11 (Early morning on Saturday)

Four injured in Webster, Minnesota at a house party.

June 11 (Saturday evening)

Three dead, two injured, in Panorama City, California in a murder-suicide.

June 11 (Saturday evening)

One dead, three injured in Stockton, California in a park.

June 11 (Late Saturday evening)

Five dead in Roswell, New Mexico. It was considered the second mass shooting of the weekend, the other of course being Orlando.

June 13 (Early Monday)

Five injured, plus one wounded dog in Fresno, California at a graduation party.

June 13 (Monday evening)

Five injured, all teenagers, in Brooklyn, New York at a playground. The shooting was over a designer backpack.

June 13 (Monday night)

Five injured in Chicago, Illinois, at a playground.

June 14 (Tuesday evening)

One dead, three injured in Oakland, California, at a memorial service.

June 14 (Tuesday night)

Four injured, all under the age of 17 in Wilmington, Delaware. The youngest, 12. The oldest, 16.

Not limiting the statistics to mass shootings, 125 people have died as a result of guns since Orlando, according to The Daily Beast.

In the week before Orlando, there were nine other mass shootings in June alone, according to Gun Violence Archive.

And if you wanted to look at total gun incidents in 2016 so far?

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