One Chart Explains Everything You Need to Know About Why Brexit Happened

June 24th 2016

One tweet about the Brexit shows what can happen when young people don't vote.

The numbers are clear, young people heavily favored staying in the European Union.

Despite polling that 75 percent of 18 to 24 year olds wanted to remain, in the end, 52 percent of voters decided that Britain should defect.

A major reason Brexit succeeded could be that young people who wanted to stay in the E.U. didn't actually show up to cast their vote. People aged 18 to 24 in the United Kingdom were found to be half as likely to vote as people 65 and older in a 2015 analysis of voter turnout. Actual youth turnout numbers for the Brexit vote have yet to come in, but we'll update you when we have them.

Youth Turnout matters.

There was no shortage of commentary on Twitter noting that young people put their future into the hands of older generations when they don't turnout to vote.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, a leader of the campaign to remain the European Union announced Friday that he would officially resign after shepherding the U.K. through the early stages of the transition process.

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