Khloe Kardashian Put the Media on Blast for Perpetuating a Sexist Dating Double Standard

June 30th 2016

Laura Donovan

Reality star Khloe Kardashian is fed up with the media coverage of her love life.


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In a Tuesday post on her app, Kardashian accuses tabloids of exercising a sexist dating double standard when it comes to talking about her personal life:

“If I'm ‘spotted’ hanging with a guy at a party—even if I'm just saying hi for a quick second—it immediately becomes a negative headline about how many guys I'm dating or how I'm getting into a new relationship," she wrote on her app, according to Entertainment Tonight. "Men don't get that reputation! They get a pat on the back. It irritates me.”

Kardashian explained how photos might not show the whole story, and that when the media jumps to conclusions about her life, it can rob her of certain experiences:

"That kind of gossip affects how people see me. A guy could assume I'm dating someone and not approach me, when I'm actually single."

Kardashian's post followed tabloid reports that she recently spent time with rapper Trey Songz at her birthday party. Here are some of the headlines about their exchange:

The Mirror

Daily Mail

Hollywood Life

The Inquisitr

"Sometimes I completely avoid going out in public with a new guy because I don't want to deal with the sexist headlines," Kardashian continued in her post, according to PEOPLE. "Too much drama for me!"

Kardashian's personal life has been a major talking point in the media in the aftermath of her estranged husband Lamar Odom's hospitalization last fall. Odom was found unconscious with drugs in his system at a brothel in Nevada, prompting Kardashian to temporarily table their divorce plans. She has since filed for divorce again.