An Easy Way to Make a Difference While Playing 'Pokémon Go'

July 9th 2016

Many Pokémon Go users say the newly released game has improved their mental health. But one woman recently pointed out another significant benefit to the interactive game.

Pokémon Go — which allows users to "catch" Pokémon when walking around outside — also presents an opportunity to help animals, Facebook user Kelsey Rae Woodring wrote in a recent post. Woodring claims that Pokémon Go users can simultaneously give back to animals in need by separately downloading WoofTrax, an app that uses sponsorships and advertising to donate to animal shelters whenever users walk their pets. The apps aren't related but can be used at the same time.

"[WoofTrax] tracks your walks and donates to a rescue cause of your choice in exchange for your time," she wrote. "Since we're all going to be out walking anyway (gotta hatch them eggs) why not be helping out some homeless pets too?"

She added that the app also counts walking time from users without dogs when users choose the “Walk for Cassie” option.


The only thing in the way? Traffic. The game is insanely popular, and many Pokémon Go users have complained about the servers being down due to overuse. Admins are currently addressing the issue. (Note: you can still get out and use Wooftrax, no reports of issues there)

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