People Are Sharing Photos of Their Pinkies on Instagram to Make a Point

July 15th 2016

You don't need a partner to wear a ring that symbolizes love.

While engagement rings are exciting for people who plan to get married, unattached individuals can now have a defining ring of their own.

Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, Fred and Far hopes to change the game with its Self Love Pinky Ring, a pinky finger gem that celebrates self love for single and attached women alike:

"When you wear a Fred + Far Self Love Pinky Ring, you pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis," the business states on its website.

Co-founder Samira Far made similar comments to Racked in an interview:

"We were inspired by the engagement ring, which to date has been the only ring women wear to signify commitment. We decided to use the big bold design of an engagement ring and put it on the pinky, the most neglected finger on our hands, as a reminder to practice self love and care."

Far added that this ring is more inclusive than the engagement ring:

"Unlike an engagement ring, which requires being chosen by another and can only be worn by a select group of women, this commitment ring is one that can be worn by any woman, at any stage in her life. The beauty is that these two commitments are not mutually exclusive, and in fact we believe committing to yourself makes you a better partner."

Many have shown support for the message behind these rings on social media, including activist Amber Rose and actress Lucy Hale:

Read the full Racked interview here.

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